The measuring technology: continuous, flexible and automatic

Innovative measurement technology forms the foundations of Testo's success and the testo Saveris Restaurant hardware is among the best our engineers have ever developed.

It allows you to measure and document all quality-relevant parameters precisely and easily.

How to contact us.

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The Control Unit

The testo Saveris Retail Chain Control Unit
  • Efficient work thanks to guided processes, checklists, alarms and stored corrective measures
  • Robust, washable case to protect against dust/dirt
  • High-performance, particularly light tablet

testo 104-IR BT infrared and penetration thermometer

testo 104-IR BT combination instrument
  • Flexible surface and core temperature measurement
  • Compact, watertight and HACCP-compliant
  • Transmission of measurement values to the Control Unit via Bluetooth

The data loggers

testo Saveris Retail Chain's data loggers
  • Product temperature simulation, air temperature measurement, door contact monitoring
  • Wireless measurement value transmission via WLAN
  • Protected against dust and water (IP 65)

The multi-function handle

The handle for the testo Saveris Retail Chain measurement probe
  • Can be used universally for all the system's temperatures and cooking oil probes
  • Really simple replacement of probes in next to no time
  • Wireless transmission of measuring values via Bluetooth to the Control Unit

The measurement probes

testo Saveris Retail Chain's measurement probes
  • For core, surface and air temperature
  • Measurement of cooking oil quality
  • TC adapter for validating your equipment