Solutions for comprehensive quality management.

The testo Saveris platform

Enables owners and managers of multi-unit operations deploy and monitor complex tasks around food preparation, food safety and documentation from anywhere.  By combining state of the are IoT measurement technology with intuitive software and hands-on service our clients can make change happen faster, more reliably and manage by exception.

  • Make regular data collection fun and easy
  • Empower staff to follow corrective action workflows that ensure high quality & safe practices
  • Leverage the automation that software can bring to mundane, sometimes forgotten tasks

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QA food service

Multi-site operations can now gain insights and manage remotely

  • Give employees tools that make their tasks easier
  • Ensure they know what to do when a quality or food safety decision is made
  • Make complex tasks easy and fun
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Quality retail

Now you can do more with less

  • Manage cook to chill processes reliably, simply, and consistently
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps with tools that do the work
  • Be instantly ready for unplanned health inspections
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Life Science
Quality management Life Sciences

A small lab, a campus or a global footprint can all be monitored easily

  • Evaluate alarms faster with customized floor plans and list view
  • Access anytime, from anywhere, with any device
  • Reliability that comes with 60+ years of experience serving the Life Sciences Industry
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Multi-site operators and managers have never been equipped to manage food safety effectively. Moving from paper-based food safety to a digital system is nothing short of revolutionary.  As a full-service provider Testo helps you make the switch more easily.

Trained specialists help you leverage the system functionality to take advantage of simplified workflows, corrective action steps, and guidance for employees as they address food safety.  60+ years of integration experience enable you to count on the Testo system working for you every day with reliable, real time data.

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