Climate Monitoring in the Pharmaceutical Industry

The ambient conditions in which drugs, blood products, or vaccines are kept have to be constantly monitored and documented. Use testo Saveris, the leading climate monitoring system in the industry, to guarantee product quality, with continuous monitoring of humidity and temperature.

testo Saveris – Your All-in-One Solution for Climate Monitoring

  • Safe: in the event your climate data reaches critical levels, you will receive alerts via email, SMS, or directly on site

  • Economic: testo Saveris saves staff costs for measurement and documentation work

  • Reliable: centralized, tamper-proof data storage offers you quick access to all measurement data

  • Compliant: in audits, provide conclusive evidence that FDA requirements are complied with

  • Validatable: testo Saveris software complies with 21 CFR Part 11 requirements

  • Flexible: you can extend testo Saveris at any time – to accommodate any number of measuring points and measurement parameters

Temperature monitoring in the pharmaceutical industry


  • View climate conditions at a glance – at different production sites
Temperature monitoring of pharmaceuticals
  • Climate monitoring with CFR-compliant documentation


  • Continuous monitoring of humidity and temperature


One System – Many Possibilities

Benefit from the versatility of the testo Saveris data logger system:
  • Wireless and LAN data loggers for temperature, relative humidity, and other measurement parameters – also compatible with sensors from other systems
  • testo Saveris is flexible and extendible – to accommodate any number of measuring points in production, storage, logistics, and in laboratories
Make use of our consultancy service when putting together components. Tip – we offer sets for the pharmaceutical industry.