The software: More than a digital quality handbook

The software is the heart of the quality management system testo Saveris Restaurant.

Digitize your quality handbooks, roll them out worldwide at the touch of a button, and carry out updates. In your restaurants, configure your checklists based on individual needs, in accordance with predefined corporate standards.

Managers on site can then control and document all quality-relevant measurement points and processes. Thanks to alarms and predetermined corrective actions, managers can, in cases of limit value violations, immediately intervene according to the instructions of Quality Assurance.

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Digitize quality handbook

The testo Saveris Restaurant software

Using the software, you can quickly represent analog quality handbooks digitally. Contact Testo for assistance with digital assets.

Roll out digital quality handbook

The testo Saveris Restaurant software

The digital quality handbook can be rolled out or updated worldwide at the touch of a button, and can be individually adapted in the restaurant. This means all connected restaurants are always up to date, and receive only relevant controls.

Monitor quality, analyze values

The testo Saveris Restaurant software

Work through the digital quality handbook with the Control Unit and the measuring equipment. Specific analysis and reporting functions ensure that processes and limit values are monitored.  In addition, you can check the success of corrective actions.

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