testo Saveris: The different applications in the Life Science sector

Automated Continuous monitoring of all temperature, humidity, and differential pressure conditions.

Testo Saveris: Certainty to make the right decisions.

Research & Development

  • Reliable temperature and humidity monitoring in laboratories and academic research facilities


  • Audit-ready environmental monitoring in a cGMP-regulated environment
  • Data Integrity 21 CFR Part 11-compliant software


  • cGxP compliant continuous monitoring of environmental parameters in transport and storage


  • Reliable temperature monitoring of drugs, vaccines, lab samples and blood products
  • Environmental monitoring of parameters in cleanrooms, operating rooms, and hospitals

Regardless of your company’s position in the development, production or distribution of pharmaceutical products, the reliable collection of environmental data is paramount to both the quality of your product and meeting regulatory expectations.  Your reputation and long-term viability can rest on the integrity of your data.  At Testo, we know how important these things are to a company.   Afterall, we have been in business since 1957.  Today, the product line has expanded to include a large variety of critical measuring instruments. Testo currently has hundreds of thousands of data loggers in the market, storing over 17 billion datasets.

Compliance testo Saveris


  • Compliance can be complicated, Testo made it simple, learn how to comply with FDA, WHO Annex 2, Annex 3, CDC, and USP 1079/797 guidelines.
Transparency testo Saveris


  • Put your environmental temperature data at your fingertips, whether onsite or on the move. Always know what is happening within your system.
Efficiency testo Saveris


  • Maintain a consistent overview of all your sites environmental data, whether domestic or global. The global viewer in the Testo software can be a powerful tool for access to data in interconnected network of facilities. Want to see an example?
Reliability testo Saveris


  • Pass audits with confidence with a reliable solution from a trusted partner.
  • Durable hardware – ensuring years of use - confidence that data is always available through redundancies built into a comprehensive system

testo Saveris: System Components – Sensors, Software, and Services

Cockpit testo Saveris

The Cockpit: Intuitive and efficient

  • Evaluate alarms faster with individual floor plans and list views
  • Access at any time, from anywhere and with any end device (PC, tablet, smartphone, etc.)
  • Less training requirement and lower error potential
Services testo Saveris Life Science

The services: A competent partner worldwide

  • GxP-trained service team
  • Individual planning, documentation, system qualification, software validation and support
  • Professional support, servicing, calibration and validation of your system during operation

The digital probes: Hot Swap

  • Exchange in seconds by Plug & Play during continuing operation
  • Documentation of probe exchange in the digital Audit Trail
  • No interruptions in the documentation

The overall system: Secure and flexible

  • Automatic recording and periodic documentation
  • Secure data storage thanks to three-fold redundancy
  • Integrable into the existing communication structure (WLAN, LAN) or optionally by in-house optimized testo UltraRange radio

testo UltraRange: Data transfer over long distances

  • Self-sufficient radio network with encrypted, proprietary signals
  • Outstanding range and signal stability inside buildings

Expert Corner

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