testo 319 - Fibrescope

Order-Nr.  0632 0319

  • Optics: 6,000 pixels with a field of view of 50°

  • Stability thanks to Decabon pipe

  • Gooseneck casing for medium flexibility

  • 3-arm gripper: Grips small objects (optional)

testo 319 fiberoptic scope

Product Description

The testo 319 fibre-glass fiberscope facilitates easy inspections at difficult-to-access points such as in air ducts, ventilators, machines and motors etc. Diagnoses such as corrosion, friction wear, condition of welding joints, loose parts and lots more can be made very early, very quickly and very easily using endoscopy.

The flexible testo 319 can be guided through hollow spaces, bore holes and bends. You can adjust the focus using the focussing wheel. In this way the damaged point can be appraised without the need for dismantling.

Highly flexible with a bending radius of only 50 mm, with middle flexibility or stiff; extraordinarily versatile applications thanks to different, push-on casings.