testo 340 - Engine Kit (for tuning and combustion maintenance)

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  • Flue gas analysis with up to 4 gas sensors - freely configurable with sensor change on site by the user

  • For combustion tuning IC engines (spark-Ignited rich and lean burn and compression-ignited diesel engines)

  • Measures O2, CO, and NO (NOx) levels for Pre-compliance testing, establish emission baselines and confirm combustion / emissions permit status

  • Used to confirm catalyst performance, optimizing combustion dynamics and confirm proper fuel delivery & set-up, and preventative maintenance

  • Used to confirm Engine O2 sensor and AFR output

  • Find inbound air (O2) leakage in gaskets, between catalysts and pollution control devices, etc

This kit is configured specifically for tuning and pre-testing applications. Special components make it ideal for testing spark or compression ignited RICE in gas compression, oil or refining, power generation, water pumping, and more.
Testo 340s are sold through our Authorized Emissions Distributors network.  Please contact Testo to find your local distributor.


Product Description

The testo 340 analyzer kits are configured for combustion tuning and pre-compliance testing for specific industry applications. The testo 340 engine kit comes with the following items:
  • Testo 340 unit with O2, CO and NO sensors (NO2 is optional upgrade for a total NOx reading, CO low, NO low and SO2 are also available), on-board data logging, pressure & ΔP measurements, rechargeable battery and AC operation with power supply
  • Extensive sensor and analyzer protections including: automatic dilution system for high concentrations, alarm and auto-off sample pump for high water, replaceable interference NOx filters, sample flow rate measurement and error diagnostics
  • 12” stainless steel engine probe (temp max 1832 ⁰F) with cone and heat shield, 13-foot Teflon lined hose with condensate trap and cam-lock fitting to connect to analyzer
  • Rugged, high density plastic transport case to store and transport the analyzer, parts, and components

Ideal features for Engine Testing

The testo 340 engine kit is configured specifically for the requirements of engine testing.  The kit comes with the following items:
  • Long life-time CO and NOx sensors (up to 5 years) make cost of ownership the best in market. Sensors are plug & play and truly pre-calibrated and delivered with calibration documentation
  • The automatic dilution (range extender) increases the CO range to 50,000 ppm.  Switch to “overall-dilution” to extend both CO (to 20,000 ppm) and NO (to 8,000 ppm). The analyzer will automatically calculate and display the corrected values.  User defined setpoints means you can extend sensor life and maintain accurate measurements
  • Back lit display with user-defined measurement order, show 4 to 8 lines of data and different units (i.e.  PPM, %, mg/KW)
  • Displayed calculations:  corrected NOx and CO values, excess air calculations, combustion efficiency
  • Calculates mass emission (i.e. lbs./hr., tons/yr) with any Pitot tube
  • Data logging programs – 5 on-board user-defined programs that run different sample times and data logging rate
  • Convenient “fresh air” button purges sensors. Press the button to purge instead of climbing ladders or platforms to remove the probe. The purge increases sensor life, establishes better sensor equilibrium, and virtually eliminate measurement drift
  • 20 preset fuels to choose from (plus 10 user-defined fuels with input through software)
  • Onboard Diagnostics – Push the i (information) button to see: sensor, battery, error code, and leak check status
  • Rubberized shock resistant housing and clear over-plate protects analyzer and display screen. Magnets on back housing allows you to mount the analyzer for easier viewing


Useful options for Engine Testing:

  • Add the NO2 sensor upgrade for a better, total NOx measurement (NO plus NO2)
  • Hose extensions -9-foot quick connect extensions with integrated thermocouple means you can extend the hose to 25 feet.  Disconnect them for easier, less bulky transport.
  • For Diesel testing – use the sintered filter probe to keep high soot levels from entering probe and analyzer. The welded-on filter withstands high vibration and provided better engine security
  • External Gas conditioning system for wet sources
  • easyEmission Software – for real time data logging or downloading from instrument memory

Testo 340 – Probes and hoses for every application.

The engine probe is specifically designed for engine testing.  High temperature stainless steel coupled with a heat deflector shield and cone allow it to be used in hot engine applications.  An extra filter/condensate trap further protects the analyzer from moisture when sampling from a drop hose.  The 13-foot Teflon lines hose is perfect for most applications.

Do you have a difficult or different sample location? Or have high particulate or extreme temperature.  Or need a heated probe? Testo has you covered:
  • Probe Adapters to attach to you own probes
  • Heated sample lines (self-regulating), lightweight with small turning radius and with LED features to let you know the heating status
  • Industrial sample probes from 3 feet to 9 feet long. Stainless steel, Inconel, and Ceramic materials covers a wide variety of temperature needs. From 1112 ⁰F to 3200 ⁰F

Delivery Scope

  • testo 340 unit with O2, CO and NO sensors
  • 12” stainless steel probe (temp max of 932 F) and 13-foot Teflon lined hose
  • Transport case
  • Power supply
  • Extra particle filters
  • Certificate of conformity


Industrial probes

Industrial probe kit 1800°C

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Industrial probe kit 1200°C

Order Number: 0600 7610

Temperature probes

Mini ambient air probe

Order Number: 0600 3692

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Unleash your Engine's Horsepower!

Your task is to produce maximum horsepower, highest efficiency and maintain the emissions within the state permit.  Periodic testing with the testo 340 will help to satisfy these needs and simply help you understand how your engine is running.  It’ the industry go-to instrument for periodic testing for engine maintenance and pre-compliance checking.
Producing maximum horsepower with the lowest emissions is critical for power generation, natural gas compression, or for the combination of heating and power generation (CHP) or anywhere an engine is used.

Engine Emissions: Gas Compression, Power Generation, and CHP

Download Testo's PDF and learn more about proper engine tuning and testing. See what combustion characteristics contribute to detonation problems. See how engine emission develops and how the testo 340 can be used for both tuning and emission testing. Download the PDF to get a better understanding of how proper engine setup can provide better combustion and lower emissions.