testo 400 Air Flow Kit - For TAB / Commissioning Professionals

Order-Nr.  0563 0407

  • A measuring instrument for all climate-related parameters

  • Measurement assistant for volume flow measurement according to ASHRAE 111 and NEBB air velocity and air pressure instrument requirements.

  • You have all measurement locations with you at all times and ready at your fingertips.

  • Wireless Bluetooth probes for maximum
    freedom of movement at work.

  • Create and finalize measurement reports on site – directly on the testo 400.


Product Description

Ideal for Testing, Adjusting and Balancing (TAB) / (Retro)-Commissioning – Professionals (BSC / RCx) or Cleanroom Performance Tester (CPT) the testo 400 Air Flow kit meets highest standards when it comes down to accuracy and durability for air velocity measurements on HVAC systems.

Details on kit components

Delivery Scope

  • testo 400 universal instrument (0560 0400)
  • Transport case for air flow measurement (0516 1400)
  • Power supply with USB cable (0554 1106)
  • Hot wire probe with Bluetooth®, including temperature and humidity sensor (0635 1571)
  • Vane anemometer probe head (Ø 4 in.), including temperature sensor (0635 9430)
  • 90° angle for connecting air flow probes (0554 0991)
  • 13.8" Stainless Steel Pitot Tube  (0635 2145)
  • 2 x silicone pressure hoses (0440 4310)
  • testo DataControl software

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Sensor heads


Air flow and IAQ measurements in the field of air conditioning and ventilation

  • Air flow measurements: Duct traverse (Hot wire probe / Pitot tube) Flow measurements at outlets (Rotating Vane Anemometer) as per ASHRAE 111 and NEBB Instrumentation Requirements in disciplines like TAB/BET/BSC/CPT/RCX
  • High-precision, location-independent and built-in differential pressure sensor, smart and intuitive measurement programs for IAQ measurements in accordance with the standards, creation of documentation on site, e-mailing of reports, versatile combination options with IAQ probes
  • Measurements in laboratories and cleanrooms: Flow measurements in fume cupboards, differential pressure measurements and laminar flow measurements in cleanrooms, humidity measurements in cleanrooms with additional probes Comfort level measurements: Measurement of indoor air quality or turbulence as per ASHRAE 55, PMV/PPD as per ASHRAE 55.