testo 616 - Moisture meter

Order-Nr.  0560 6160

  • Measures moisture in wood / building materials

  • Non-destructive / precise measurements up to 2 in.

  • 10 characteristic curves for different types of building material / wood

  • Backlit display / hold function / min/max memory / ergonomic design

The testo 616 professional moisture meter provides you with a precise and non-destructive means of measuring the moisture content of wood and other building materials.


Product Description

The testo 616 professional moisture meter provides you with a precise and non-destructive means of measuring moisture in wood and building materials, and of monitoring the drying process after water damage. Simply select the characteristic curve, and place the meter’s measuring claw against the material’s surface. The meter shows the moisture content as a weight percentage compared to the dry weight. Press the relevant key to save the reading to your meter.
Although the measuring claw only comes into contact with the surface, wall or flooring, it is able to determine the moisture content of the wood or other material down to a depth of 2 in.

Ideal areas of use for the testo 616 moisture meter

The testo 616 moisture meter is a professional measuring device that can be used in areas as diverse as water damage restoration, or carpentry or joinery.
  • Moisture damage detection: the non-destructive method for finding moisture in walls / floors
  • Monitoring drying processes: from carrying out moisture inspections, to meeting building schedules, to controlled drying after water damage – the non-destructive method for determining the moisture content in wood / building materials
  • Moisture in wood: for checking for moisture in wood that has been stored prior to processing

testo 616 moisture meter with 10 characteristic curves

  • Soft wood
  • Hard wood
  • Pressboard
  • Anhydrite screed
  • Cement screed
  • Lime sand brick
  • Gas concrete
  • Concrete
  • High insulation bricks
  • Brickwork

Delivery Scope

testo 616 moisture meter for wood and building materials, calibration certificate, and batteries

Technical Data

General technical data


3 x 2 x 9 in. / 70 x 58 x 234 mm

Operating temperature

41.0° to 104.0 °F / +5 to +40 °C


ABS / TPE / Metal

Protection class


Battery type

9V block battery, 6F22

Battery life

60 h

Display update

0.5 s


Water content in percent by weight based on dry mass (%)

Measurement depth

up to 5 cm

Measuring rate

0.5 sec

Storage temperature

-4.0° to 158.0 °F / -20 to +70 °C


9 oz. / 260 g

Humidity - Capacitive

Measuring range

< 50 % (wood)

< 20 % (building materials)




Determining moisture in wood

Moisture content is a decisive factor in the further processing and use of timber products. If wood is installed with the wrong moisture content this may result in mechanical deformations (contracting and swelling) at the site where the material is subsequently used, and therefore damage to pieces of furniture or entire supporting structures in buildings. Therefore, before being made into furniture or supporting material by a joiner/carpenter, the suitability of the wood has to be assessed by measuring the moisture content.

The testo 616 enables the quick and non-destructive examination of the material moisture characteristics in timber. Characteristic curves are available for measuring wood moisture in soft and hard woods, and chipboard. These characteristic curves were developed in cooperation with the LPI institute.

The measurement results are calculated up to a depth of 5 cm and can be recorded at the touch of a button. The readings are displayed in percent by weight in comparison to the dry mass of the material.