Temperature measuring instruments and thermometers for every measuring task

Where do you want to measure temperature?


QA food service

Multi-site operations can now gain insights and manage remotely

  • Give employees tools that make their tasks easier
  • Ensure they know what to do when a quality or food safety decision is made
  • Make complex tasks easy and fun
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Quality retail

Now you can do more with less

  • Manage cook to chill processes reliably, simply, and consistently
  • Eliminate unnecessary steps with tools that do the work
  • Be instantly ready for unplanned health inspections
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Quality management Life Sciences

A small lab, a campus or a global footprint can all be monitored easily

  • Evaluate alarms faster with customized floor plans and list view
  • Access anytime, from anywhere, with any device
  • Reliability that comes with 60+ years of experience serving the Life Sciences Industry
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Remotely assess and guide
store performance

Digital QA

Reliable compliance
to food safety expectations

Optimizing processes supermarket

Real time data
lowers inventory risk

Quality management digital
  • Automated alarms eliminate the risk of rising temperatures
  • No longer worry about open doors, power outages, and faulty equipment
  • 60+ years of helping customers avoid loss with reliable data

Case Study: teams Service Stations

Improve quality
and lower costs

Optimizing processes restaurant

Visibility across
multiple sites

Digital QA
Sensors testo Saveris

Reliable recording of quality data.

Software testo Saveris

Analyze and document data and processes.

Services testo Saveris

Your support for set-up, operation and servicing.