testo 350 - Kits for Turbine Testing

Analyzer requirements for emission and combustion analysis can vary based on the different combustion applications. For example, to properly tune and maintain turbines, accurate O2 with low NOx and low CO sensitivity is required. The 350 has both the low range (0.1 ppm) and upper range capability needed for turbine testing. The new testo 350 is built with proven technologies and a simple-to-use interface to make testing more accurate and easier than ever.

Wireless operation (over 300 feet) allows you to make combustion adjustments at a convenient location, instead of at the sample port. No need to remove the probe from the stack - simply press the "fresh air purge." This will increase sensor life and keeps you off ladders and safely on the ground. Large on-board memory and fresh air purging with the automatic test program allows data collection for a day, a week, or a month. The hi-def color graphic display is surpassed only by the powerful easyEmission software. Together they let you control the analyzer, set-up the test, define sites and locations, perform on-site calibrations, and much more.

Measures both low NO and NO2 for proper turbine set up and unsurpassed accuracy.

Turbine-specific menus take the guess work out of testing. The analyzer pre-selects the parameters you need to measure. It's easier to see small combustion control changes with the 0.1 ppm NOx resolution and you can be assured it will provide the highest accuracy when you need to make critical control or warrantee decisions. Active sample gas conditioning is one of the many features for high accuracy testing. The 350's integrated gas conditioning system (thermoelectric cooler with automatic condensate removal pump) delivers dry basis data as required for most reporting. The new, more powerful pump automatically controls sample fl ow rate for EPA accuracy.

To learn about the service and maintenance of the testo 350 portable emission analyzer, including Testo's exclusive "plug & play" field service concept, check out the Operation & Maintenance page.

The 350 emission analyzer has the widest selection of probes available. The standard probe is stainless steel , 13" long with integrated thermocouples. The modular concept lets you click-in the optional high temperature 28" probe in literally seconds. Teflon-lined sample hoses provide the highest level of accuracy. Optional heated sample lines and industrial probes cover all your testing requirements.