Valuable food deserves the greatest care.


Testo has been active for 60 years, with a comprehensive product range along the entire cold chain. With our highly precise, robust and hygienic measuring instruments, you monitor the adherence to temperature limit values in compliance with the HACCP regulations – from the raw material to the finished product. For even more safety in incoming goods, storage and transport.

We are your full service provider in the food sector.

  • Measurement technology: precise thermometers, data loggers and monitoring systems
  • Safety: HACCP certification
  • Individual services: professional consultation, webinars, repairs, calibration, test equipment management

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  • Precise quality monitoring in delivery
  • With infrared, penetration and combi thermometers
  • continuous recording of temperature and humidity
  • Individual solutions with the data loggers from Testo and the monitoring system testo Saveris 2
  • Uninterrupted monitoring and documentation
  • With transport loggers and WiFi data logger systems

Useful downloads and infos

Flyer: Measurement technology cold chain

  • Compact measurement knowledge to go
  • Short overview of the most important measuring instruments

Brochure: Measurement technology cold chain

  • Decision-making help: How to find the right measuring instrument
  • Products in detailed comparison

Overview: The most important measurement methods

  • These temperature measurement options are available
  • Advantages and disadvantages described in detail