Comfort probe for turbulence measurement

Order-Nr.  0628 0109

  • Turbulence measurement in accordance with EN 13779

  • Non-directional flow measurement

  • High level of accuracy even at low flow velocities

  • Integrated temperature measurement

The comfort probe (with the appropriate measuring instrument) is ideally suited for determining indoor air turbulence in accordance with EN 13779.

Product Description

Draught is the most common cause of complaints about indoor climate. Use the comfort probe to determine turbulence in accordance with EN 13779. Turbulence corresponds to the extent of fluctuations in air velocity over time. The probe can also measure temperatures up to +50 °C.

The probe is equipped with a telescope, which can be extended to a maximum of 820 mm. A tripod is also included in the scope of delivery.


Delivery Scope

Comfort probe for turbulence measurement with telescope (can be extended to 820 mm), guard, tripod and 2.4 m fixed cable. 
Temperature - NTC

Measuring range

0 to +50 °C


±0.3 °C

General technical data

Length telescope

820 mm

Probe head diameter

90 mm

Length probe shaft

820 mm


EN 13779

Velocity - Hot wire anemometer

Measuring range

1 to +5 m/s


±(0.03 m/s +4 % of mv)