Pharma industry

Pharmaceutical products must be able to demonstrate perfect quality. Therefore research laboratories, cleanrooms and pharmaceutical production are subject to strict standards, guidelines and regulations: e.g. ISO 9001, GxP, GMP (Good Manufacturing Practice), GLP (Good Laboratory Practice) or 21 CFR Part 11. Testo’s measuring instruments and all-in-one solutions can help you comply with these regulations, thereby ensuring the quality of your processes in R&D and production.

Climate monitoring solution


Complete solution

The ambient conditions that drugs, blood products or vaccines are kept in have to be constantly monitored and documented.

  • Use our climate monitoring system
  • Guarantee product quality by the help of continuous monitoring of humidity and temperature

pH measurement

pH measurement pharma and health

Measuring instruments for pH value are above all used in the chemical, pharmaceutical industry.

  • Discover the processes of many chemical and biochemical reactions
  • Determine the pH value in semi-solid and viscoplastic media as well as in liquids



Temperature monitoring


Correct compliance with storage temperatures is an important prerequisite for the quality assurance of many products, e.g. in the area of pharmaceutical products.

  • Check and document the profile of the ambient temperature by the help of data loggers
  • Make a crucial contribution to verifiable preservation of product quality



Temperature monitoring of pharmeceuticals during transport

Most pharmaceuticals must be continuously transported at defined upper and lower temperature and humidity limit values, along the entire supply chain.

  • Control of the cold chain during delivery
  • Protection from unnoticed gaps in the cold chain during the entire distribution path
  • monitor and document simply, securely and compliantly with all common standards, guidelines and regulations