Measuring technology for those days when the work seems never-ending

With these 5 beneficial features, you’ll be prepared for anything

testo 557 operation

1. Ease of use

  • Can be operated with one hand
  • Faster results
  • Fewer measurement errors
Testo manifold display

2. Clear reading display

  • Results at a glance
  • Graphic progression
  • Intuitive apps
Smart Probes documentation

3. Digital documentation

  • No paperwork
  • With photos
  • E-mailing as a PDF
Refrigerant manifold

4. More flexibility

  • All refrigerants stored
  • Manifolds with automatic heat pump mode
  • Testo Smart Probes with 100 meter Bluetooth range
Testo robust

5. Reliable durability

  • Long battery life
  • No leaks
  • High quality manufacturing
Free Wera Multitool

Perfect for servicing – perfect for testing

testo 557
Digital manifold in a kit

testo 557 kit
  • Automatic calculation of system parameters
  • Automatic mode for heat pumps
  • Automatic absolute pressure measurement
  • Vacuum measurement with external probe

testo 550
Digital manifold in a kit

  • Automatic calculation of system parameters
  • Automatic mode for heat pumps

testo Smart Probes
AC & refrigeration test kit

Testo Smart Probes Refrigeration
  • 2 high-pressure measuring instruments, 2 clamp thermometers
  • Pressure measurement with no loss of refrigerant
  • Operation via app

testo 552
Vacuum gauge with Bluetooth

testo 552
  • Comply with the manufacturer's specifications for pressures
  • Remote monitoring of the measurement via app
  • More security via alarm

testo 316-3
Leak detector for refrigerants

testo 316-3
  • Detects leaks even in contaminated areas
  • Detects even the smallest leaks
  • Visual and acoustic alarm

testo 770-3
Clamp meter with Bluetooth

testo 770-3
  • Practical clamp mechanism for wires in tight spaces
  • Progression display of the measurement in the app

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3 steps to getting your multi-tool

  1. Purchase any above Testo tool from Testo directly, or at a participating TecsaReco, Eurocool or Metraclark
  2. Register your Testo tool at
  3. Your free Wera tool will be ready for collection at the relevant Testo branch, or at your distributor within one week