In the building technology sector, various measurement solutions help you to discover problems in buildings (building moisture, mould, cold bridges) or to determine optimization potential (energy consultation). 

Building analysis and energy consultation


In building thermography, thermal imagers are ideal for quick, easy visualization of energy losses in the heating or air conditioning systems of buildings.

  • Analyze energy efficiency: examining the whole building shell
  • Identifying possibilities for energy saving

Leakage detection
with thermal imagers

Leakage detection with a thermal imager

Heating, ventilation and air conditioning installations can be checked easily, quickly and reliably with Testo thermal imagers.

  • Detect thermal anomalies
  • Inspect heating pipes and check their installation

Identify the risk of mould

Mould risk detection with thermal imager

With the humidity mode of the thermal imagers, the mould risk at thermal weak spots is displayed according to the traffic-light principle.

  • Directly in the thermal image
  • Humidity probe (thermohygrometer) connectable

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