With testo Saveris you are on the safe side.

If pharmaceuticals are produced and stored under the wrong climatic conditions, the stability and therefore the efficacy of the drugs can suffer as a result. Possible consequences: commercial damage going as far as extensive compensation claims.

Don’t let it get that far: testo Saveris is the reliable, proven and audit-safe complete solution for climate monitoring in a GMP-regulated environment.

Impressive: your advantages with testo Saveris.

  • Centralised documentation for continuous monitoring
  • Uninterrupted transparency thanks to periodic documentation
  • Trend alarms allow for early intervention
  • No need for manual readouts, resulting in increased productivity
  • Freely expandable system with comprehensive services

Reliable: GMP-compliant humidity and temperature monitoring.

The monitoring and documentation of quality parameters is mandatory when manufacturing pharmaceutical products. You have it all under control with testo Saveris:

  • Climatic conditions at a glance – even at different production sites
  • Internal and external quality requirements are met
  • Guarantee of the efficacy and stability of pharmaceuticals
  • Data integrity is ensured according to the Fraunhofer Institute (certificate for download, see below)


Without interruption: documentation and full transparency at all times.

testo Saveris automates the monitoring of measurement parameters in production areas, documents this process and, in the case of a violation of defined limit values, triggers a centralised alarm.

  • Freely positionable sensor with radio and Ethernet signals
  • Continuous measurement and analysis of temperature and humidity
  • Automatic recording of readings and periodic documentation
  • System integration of additional measurement parameters via analog coupler


Experienced: 60 years of expert knowledge and expertise in measuring technology.

Testo has stood for high-precision measuring instruments and innovative solutions in measurement data management for 60 years. This is why we offer comprehensive services in the area of measuring technology, which are perfectly customised to your individual needs.

Testo 60 years

How to contact us.

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testo Saveris data monitoring system comprises 3 core elements:

Radio and Ethernet probes:

testo Saveris radio and ethernet probes

Measures and sends data

  • Temperature and humidity measurement
  • Individually positionable and extendable

testo Saveris base

Data monitoring system

Documente les données

  • Stores > 18 million values
  • Alarm visualization
  • Extendable: router, coupler and lots more

testo Saveris software

Temperature monitoring

Displays data

  • Secure, central archiving of data
  • Measurement data analysis
  • Measurement data evaluation

Reliable: all-round service – both before and after purchase.

Testo guarantees competent advice from specialists and defines the scope of your system directly on site. Technology, mapping, commissioning and qualification are naturally also part of the service.

If testo Saveris is implemented, our service still does not stop being provided for a long time: we support you in training and take on the calibration service. And we also offer technical support to extend the system on request.

The all-round service with expert advice, training and practical know-how.

Competent advice about data monitoring systems and temperature monitoring by our experts.   more...
Product solution
Product solution
We have the right product solution for your applications – not only for temperature control and measurement supervision. 
Determination of measuring locations for your sensors and Cloud loggers.  more...

Project planning
Definition of the scope of your system on site.  more...
(Re-)calibration of your sensors and Cloud loggers for the precise monitoring of measuring values – on site too.  more...
Optional commissioning of your system.  more...

Qualification/validation of your system.  more...
Instruction and training in using the data monitoring system.  more...
Our experts are available to answer any questions you may have about temperature monitoring, temperature control and data monitoring systems.  more...