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Please take note:
1. Once your instruments have been received please allow 2-3 business days while our technicians and internal staff process your order and arrange to send you a quotation.
2. The turnaround time for calibrations is normally 5-10 business days from receipt of order, the sales person will notify you if this is longer. We do have an SOS facility where for a fee the turnaround time can be reduced, please discuss with the sales representative if you require SOS work.
3. Our facilities are able to calibrate the following parameters: Temperature (SANAS), humidity (SANAS), flue gas & pH.
4. Other calibrations may require further consultation with the head of laboratories.
5. The requested instrument calibration will be performed in our laboratory, using approved procedures and uncertainties. Special procedures, uncertainties or onsite work will be investigated by the head of laboratory.
6. Please ensure you advise on the questionnaire the calibration points you require as per our SANAS accreditation schedule.
7. Reported calibrations are as found normal values. Adjustment will only be done by arrangement and with consultation from the head of laboratory.
8. We may report the instruments conformity to manufacturers tolerance, unless you provide us with your plant quality specifications.
9. SANAS does not permit our laboratory to print certificate or calibration sticker expiry dates, unless we receive email or written authority from you. This must include the calibration interval required by you or your quality system.
10. All items to be considered for warranty must be accompanied with proof of purchase.
11. The customer is responsible for costs of shipping unless otherwise requested and arranged.
12. Testo South Africa (Pty) Ltd. standard conditions of sale and credit apply. A copy is available on request.

By submitting this form, I agree to the aforementioned stipulations outlined within this document and the Testo South Africa (Pty) Ltd. conditions of sale and credit.
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