Testo at the virtual GFSI Conference 2021

Experience our innovative Food Safety Management solutions to help protect public health at the virtual GFSI Conference from March 23 – 25, 2021. Testo is taking part in the GFSI community’s annual knowledge-sharing event as a Diamond Sponsor.

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Become part of the global GFSI community while working from home. Our experts look forward to welcoming you.

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23. March 24. March 25. March
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Join our Special Session

Wednesday, March 24th, 2021
06:15 pm - 06:45 pm CET


Operational Efficiency: Maximizing Food Safety Management in the 21st Century

In this session you will learn how data-driven, smarter food safety management protects people's health with technologies and innovative food safety solutions.

Our expert panel will answer your biggest questions about measuring operational food safety, like:

  • What factors of human behavior, risk and communication are important to consider when measuring operational food safety?
  • How can digital food safety management systems increase your efficiency, visibility, and accuracy in routine processes?
  • What are the benefits of using data-driven methods in your food safety program?
Testo Special Session

Can’t attend the GFSI Conference?

Register today, watch later: We will record the Special Session for you and make it available as a free video after the conference.

Dr. Ben Chapman

Dr. Ben Chapman
Professor, Food Safety Specialist
North Carolina State University

Patrick Guzzle

Patrick Guzzle
Vice President of Food Science
and Industry
National Restaurant Association

Eric Moore

Eric Moore
Director of Food Safety
and Industry Outreach
Testo North America

Patrick McGrath

Patrick McGrath
Vice President Solutions
Testo North America


Data-driven smarter food safety management – Built for compliance

With a variety of challenges facing the food industry, it’s more important than ever to secure certainty and stability in food safety management. For food businesses, that means choosing a reliable and strong partner who can provide robust and innovative systems to support their digital quality management needs.

The top 3 benefits of Testo's innovative solutions for smarter food safety management

Informes inteligentes

Capacitación de sus empleados

Gestión en caso de excepción

Informes inteligentes

¿Están listas sus sedes para la próxima inspección?

  • Registradores de datos de temperatura específicos de la aplicación con transferencia de datos en tiempo real
  • Inteligentes instrumentos de medición portátil con almacenamiento de los datos de medición en la nube
  • Acceso a los datos en cualquier momento y desde cualquier lugar

Capacitación de sus empleados

¿Qué hacen sus trabajadores si olvidan cómo se debe ejecutar una tarea?

  • Sencillas listas de verificación digitales
  • Guías paso a paso para empleados
  • Las instrucciones están siempre al alcance de un botón

Gestión en caso de excepción

¿Puede enfocar su tiempo a temas más importantes?

  • Software para una transparencia en toda la empresa
  • Reconocimiento oportuno de los problemas gracias a las alarmas automatizadas
  • Menos esfuerzo en la generación de protocolos, más tiempo para sus clientes


Customer testimonials

Restaurant chains and retail companies around the world rely on Testo Solutions to optimize their food safety management and ensure compliance across the businesses.


Expert knowledge: Innovative food safety management

Conocimiento de expertos para restaurantes y el comercio minorista de alimentos.

Las ventajas de las listas de verificación digitales de calidad para el cumplimiento de la seguridad alimentaria.

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