Pt100 flexible temperature probe

Réf.  0614 0071

  • Pt100 immersion and penetration probe for temperature measurements

  • Flexible probe shaft

  • Easy to carry out measurements in places that are difficult to access

  • Measuring range: -100 to +265 °C

You can use the new Pt100 temperature probe to carry out measurements even in places that are difficult to access. The flexible probe shaft makes this possible.

Description du produit

The new Pt100 temperature probe is designed for immersion and penetration measurements. It features a flexible, 1000 mm long PTFE probe shaft, which enables temperature measurements even in places that are difficult to access. This makes it much easier to carry out measurements.

The temperature probe is a digital probe with an intelligent calibration concept. You can adjust the probe using the EasyClimate software and achieve a zero-error display.


The flexible temperature probe is suitable (in conjunction with the measuring instrument) for the following industrial and laboratory applications, for example:
• Monitoring temperature on engine test beds
• Proof of temperature in the production and storage of sensitive products in places that are difficult to access
• Monitoring process temperatures
• Proof of temperature in the food industry (e.g. for frozen food)
• Checking stationary temperature probes (e.g. in air-conditioning cabinets)

Scope of delivery

Pt100 flexible temperature probe with PTFE probe shaft including instructions for use.


Données techniques générales

Longueur du tube de sonde

1 000 mm

Diamètre de la tête de sonde

4 mm

Température - Pt100

Étendue de mesure

-100 à +265 °C


±(0,3 °C + 0,3 % v.m.) (-100 à -50,1 °C)

±(0,15 °C + 0,2 % v.m.) (-50 à -0,01 °C)

±(0,15 °C + 0,05 % v.m.) (0 à +100 °C)

±(0,15 °C + 0,5 % v.m.) (+100,01 à +265 °C)


0,01 °C