Safe food layer for layer.

Whether vegetarian or classic: With Testo measurement technology, you ensure high food quality and safety. At every step of the process chain.

Measuring technology solutions for food safety
Measuring technology solutions for food safety
Measuring technology solutions for food safety

Temperature control upon receipt of the goods determines the quality and freshness of the final product, in our case: a delicious, appetizing burger. From lettuce and tomatoes to ground meat or cheese, the temperature of food has an important impact on the formation and multiplication of germs. For this reason, random sample measurement has become established in incoming goods.

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Penetration-infrared thermometer testo 104 IR for incoming goods inspection

Fresh food can be stored today without any problems. Provided that the prescribed temperature limits are consistently observed. This is because the germ load can increase even before the lettuce, for example, appears wilted on the outside. Data loggers are ideal for this step of the food process chain. These measuring solutions reliably record temperature and/or humidity values in storerooms and refrigerated cabinets independently.

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Mini temperature data logger testo 174 T for monitoring storage temperatures

Proper heating and temperature of food products is another critical point on the way to a safe end product.The appropriate measurement method for this is the measurement of the core temperature. In the case of the burger, a very thin temperature probe is inserted into the patty - providing you with the certainty in seconds that the prescribed heating temperature has been reached.

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Temperature measuring instrument testo 108 for penetration measurements during food preparation

Transporting fresh food countless kilometers while maintaining the cold chain without interruption is a challenge not only for logistics companies. It's a good thing that there are special transport data loggers that accompany fresh produce from lettuce & tomatoes to particularly sensitive frozen products like burger patties on their journeys, and record the temperatures 24/7.

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Temperature data logger testo 184 T1 for transport monitoring

Measuring instruments
for pH and TPM

In addition to temperature and humidity, pH (for example in food production) and TPM (to determine the quality of frying oil) are also important measurement parameters.

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Ideal for quality assurance in frying operations. You maintain critical TPM limits and can change the oil at the right time.

Ideal for measuring the pH value in semi-solid as well as liquid media or food.

More measuring technology
and know-how

To ensure the quality and safety of food at all times, other measuring instruments or even complete solutions are recommended depending on the area of application.

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From system catering to food inspections: At Testo, you will also find the right measurement technology for special food applications.

On 60 pages, many tips on temperature limits, HACCP and the use of food measuring instruments await you.