Lux and UV probe for monitoring light-sensitive exhibition objects

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  • Small lux and UV probe for use in display cabinets and on exhibition pieces

  • Discreet monitoring of light-sensitive exhibits

  • Lux measurement according to accuracy category C as per DIN 5032

  • Measurement range: Illuminance 0 to 20,000 lux; UV radiation 0 to 10,000 mW/m2

Monitor light-sensitive exhibition objects discreetly (with the corresponding data logger): with the digital lux and UV probe with plug-in cable.


Product Description

With the small lux and UV probe (28 x 56 x 15 mm), you can reliably monitor light-sensitive exhibition objects both in the exhibition room and in display cabinets.

The supplied cable (length 0.6 m) can, if required, by replaced with a longer cable (length 2.5 m) (please order separately). Multiple cables can be combined up to a length of 10 metres.

Applications for the lux/UV probe

The lux and UV probe is ideal for use in museums, galleries and other exhibition venues. Use the accurate lux and UV probe (with the corresponding data logger) to monitor the amount of light and UV radiation to which exhibits are exposed.

Intelligent calibration concept

The lux and UV probe offers maximum digital measurement reliability. As the processing of measuring values is carried out directly in the probe, the quality of the measurement is not affected by the length of the connecting cable between the WiFi data logger and the probe. The probe can be sent in for calibration on its own (without the data logger). 

Delivery Scope

1 x lux and UV probe with plug-in cable (length 0.6 m) and calibration protocol.

Technical Data


Measuring range

0 to 20000 Lux


DIN 5032-7 Class C-compliant.

±3 Lux or ±3 % of mv (refers to reference DIN 5032-7 Class L)


Measuring range

0 to +10000 mW/m²


±5 mW/m² or ±5 % of mv (refers to external reference)



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€ 336,00
sa PDV-om € 420,00