Central monitoring of all
audit-relevant environmental parameters

- quickly, easily and efficiently

No other sector is as strictly regulated and monitored as the Health Care sector. Because in the end, it is the well-being and health of the patients which is in focus here. With the seamless solutions for environmental monitoring, you have the certainty of always being on the safe side – in the manufacture, storage and transport of pharmaceuticals.

Your cold chain at a glance


  • Audit-ready:
    Ready for the next audit at any time, with digitally recorded and documented quality data of all relevant ambient parameters.


  • More transparency:
    Identifying errors in the cold chain before problems occur means avoiding loss of goods. Fast reaction according to CAPA system, thanks to alarm function.


  • Increased GxP quality consciousness:
    In your entire supply chain and with your partners – for uniformly high quality along the whole value-added chain.

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Solution Pharma Storage
Sensor technology

Reliable collection of quality data.


Collection and evaluation of quality processes.

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