Precious goods deserve the greatest care – “From Farm to Fork”!

A varied selection of products for controlling food safety means Testo can help you meet your HACCP requirements effortlessly – and enables you to be sure you are storing and processing food safely.

Our measuring technology includes data loggers, thermometers, cooking oil testers, pH measuring instruments and lots more.

From Farm to Fork, for spot checks or long-term monitoring: Testo has the right measuring instrument for every link in the production chain.

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  • Mobile and stationary measuring solutions
  • Calibration of all measuring instruments
  • Extensive range of probes
  • Guaranteeing quality
  • Temperature monitoring of all refrigerated locations
  • Automatic documentation
  • Temperature and humidity under control
  • Measuring instruments for extreme conditions
  • Individual measuring solutions
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  • Uninterrupted monitoring of the cold chain
  • Adhering to temperature limit values
  • Individual measuring solutions
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  • Quality assurance from delivery through to sale
  • Avoiding health hazards, protecting customers
  • Safeguarding good reputation
  • Fast and reliable measuring technology
  • Washable measuring instruments
  • Versatile range of probes

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