Ø 10 mm 열 유속 프로브(열선) - 실험실 환기구의 유량 및 온도 측정

제품 번호  0635 1048

  • 정확한 측정 결과를위한 통합 온도 측정 및 절대 압력 보정

  • DIN EN 14175-3 / -4에 따른 실험실 흄 캐비닛의 유량 측정을위한 최대 정밀도

  • 지능형 교정 개념

  • 유량 측정 범위 : 0 ~ + 5 m / s

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제품 설명

Use the hot wire probe (thermal anemometer) to determine flow velocity and volume flow in laboratory fume cupboards. It is particularly suitable for low flow velocities up to +5 m/s. One of its most impressive features is its ultimate precision. Measurement of inflow speed and integrated calculation of volume flow produce quick results. The probe can also measure temperatures up to +50 °C at the same time.

The hot wire probe is equipped with a telescope, which can be extended to a maximum length of 730 mm. Use of the telescope enables the sash opening to be kept as clear as possible, so that the flow velocity is not affected.

One particularly practical feature is the fact that the probe can be changed while the measuring instrument is switched on.

Intelligent calibration concept

The probe offers maximum digital measurement reliability. The digital probe allows readings to be processed directly in the probe. This technology eliminates instrument measurement uncertainty. The probe can be returned on its own (without the measuring instrument) for calibration. Calculating the determined calibration data in the probe generates a zero-error display.

상품 제공 시 포함

Hot wire probe (Ø 10 mm) with telescope (can be extended to 730 mm) including fixed plug-in.

기술 데이터


NTC 센서 측정 범위

0 ~ +50 °C

NTC 센서 정확도

±0.5 °C


열선 측정범위

0 ~ +5 m/s

핫 와이어 정확도

±(0.02 m/s + 5 측정값의 %)

기술 데이터

길이 망원경

730 mm

프로브 헤드 직경

10 mm





ISO 교정성적서/풍속

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DKD 교정 성적서/풍속

제품 번호: 0520 0224