testo 400 IAQ and comfort kit with tripod

제품 번호  0563 0401

  • Standard-compliant determination of the comfort level: PMV and PPD as well as draught and turbulence as per EN ISO 7730 and ASHRAE 55

  • Monitor the indoor air quality: Determination of CO2 concentration, humidity, air temperature and turbulence in workplaces, including long-term measurements

  • Smart, intuitive measurement programs, complete your measurement with full documentation on site at the customer’s premises or carry out further analysis using the testo DataControl measurement data management and analysis software

  • In the kit: testo 400 universal IAQ instrument, CO2 probe (with Bluetooth® handle), turbulence probe with cable, globe thermometer (Ø 150 mm) with cable, measuring tripod with bag, case

제품 설명

Ideal kit for IAQ professionals, with a focus on indoor air quality and comfort level. You will receive the testo 400 universal IAQ measuring instrument with intuitive measurement menus, one CO₂ probe (with Bluetooth® handle), one turbulence probe and one globe thermometer Ø 150 mm (both with fixed cable). Use the measuring tripod to ensure standard-compliant positioning of the probes. In combination with the IAQ data logger, which is available to order separately, long-term measurements up to 2 weeks can be recorded, even without the IAQ measuring instrument.

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상품 제공 시 포함

  • testo 400 universal IAQ instrument, testo DataControl software, silicone hoses, mains unit with USB cable, calibration protocol, instruction manual (0560 0400)
  • CO2 probe with Bluetooth® including temperature and humidity sensor (consisting of CO2 probe head and Bluetooth® handle), 4 x AA batteries, table stand and calibration protocol (0632 1551) Please do not use the probe in condensing atmospheres. For continuous application in high-humidity ranges
      > 80% RH at ≤ 30 °C for > 12 h
      > 60% RH at > 30 °C for > 12 h
      Please get in touch with Testo Service or contact us via the Testo website
  • Turbulence probe with fixed cable and calibration protocol (0628 0152)
  • Globe thermometer (Ø 150 mm, TC type K) with fixed cable (0602 0743)
  • Measuring tripod for comfort level measurements, consisting of a folding stand, mounting rod, 4 x probe mounts, including bag (0554 1591)
  • Transport case for IAQ and comfort level measurements (0516 2400)

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글로브 프로브

제품 번호: 0602 0743

대기 공조 분야를 위한 IAQ 측정

  • 스마트 다기능 종합 환경 측정기 testo 400 은 기본적으로 차압 센서가 내장되어 있으며, 온도, 습도, 풍속, 압력, CO2, 조도 등 대기 공조 분야에서 실내 환경과 관련된 모든 항목을 측정할 수 있는 프로브를 연결할 수 있습니다.

실내 환경 관리를 위한 전문적인 측정 메뉴

스마트 다기능 종합 환경 측정기 testo 400은 전문화된 측정 메뉴로 오류 없는 정확한 측정을 돕습니다.
실내 쾌적도와 직결되는 전문적인 항목을 쉽고 간편하게 측정하고 관리할 수 있습니다.
  • EN 12599 및 ASHRAE 111에 따른 실내공기질 측정
  • DIN EN 7730에 따른 난류 측정 및 EN ISO 7730 및 ASHRAE 55에 따른 PMV / PPD 측정
  • 연구실, 클린룸 등에서 정확한 측정을 돕는 고정밀 프로브 지원

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  • Software DataControl  (v10.62, font/x-font-fon, 188.067 KB) testo DataControl for the testo 400 offers customer and measurement site management functions as well as enhanced analyzing and archiving functionalities for all measurements. If you have already installed an older version on your PC, the existing version will be updated to the latest version.