testo Saveris Small Business Edition Software - licence for a single user 

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우리는 한 명의 사용자 만이 testo Saveris 데이터 로거 시스템의 측정 데이터에 대한 PC 액세스가 필요한 회사를 위해 testo Saveris Software SBE (Small Business Edition)를 개발했습니다.

제품 설명

With the testo Saveris data logger system you can enjoy professional, automated humidity and temperature monitoring. All measurement data is stored in a database.
The testo Saveris Software Small Business Edition (SBE) enables one user to access measurement data from the testo Saveris data logger system. The SBE is therefore ideal for companies where only one user needs to view, examine and analyze the measurement data on the PC.

Benefits of the testo Saveris Software Small Business Edition (SBE)

Installed locally on the user's PC, the SBE offers these benefits:
  • Tamper-proof storage and more: all recorded humidity and temperature monitoring measurement data is centrally archived and stored tamper-proof by the testo Saveris Small Business Edition. At the same time, the SBE enables comprehensive analysis, graphical and tabular display and evaluation of all recorded measurement data
  • Configuration of automatic and manual PDF reports (per day/week/month)
  • Customizable alarm management system: more than two people can be notified, either at the same time or in succession, when critical values are exceeded. Depending on the day of the week and/or the time, the user chooses whether an alarm is implemented as an e-mail or an SMS

Software solutions for a larger number of users

In your company, if you have more than one employee requiring access to humidity and temperature measurement data on the testo Saveris data logger system, we recommend the following software solutions instead of the testo Saveris Small Business Edition:
  • testo Saveris PROF Software Classic: this software supports the client/server concept, so that the measurement data from several PCs connected to the network can be monitored. The testo Saveris PROF Software Classic also offers further interesting additional functions
  • testo Saveris PROF Software with Web Access: this features the same functions as the testo Saveris PROF Software Classic. Thanks to Web Access, you can also use this software to monitor measurement data flexibly, from any terminal device via your browser – without installing any software
  • testo Saveris CFR Software with Web Access: this provides you with validatable software for the testo Saveris data logger system. It fulfils the requirements of the FDA's 21 CFR Part 11


상품 제공 시 포함

testo Saveris Software Small Business Edition (SBE), licence for a single user, with USB connection cable (from the testo Saveris base to the PC) and instruction manuals.