Druksonde, 10 hPa, voor meting van verschildruk en luchtsnel... - for differential pressure and flow

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  • Differential pressure measurement

  • Flow velocity measurement in combination with a Pitot tube

  • Handy probe

  • Measuring range: 0 to +10 hPa

Druksonde, 10 hPa, voor meting van verschildruk en luchtsnelheden (in verbinding met pitot buis)

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Use the pressure probe to determine differential pressures and flow velocities (in combination with a Pitot tube). Both Prandtl Pitot tubes (Ø 7 mm) and straight Pitot tubes (Ø 8 mm) can be used for flow measurement.

Pressure plays an important role as a measurement parameter, particularly in power and air conditioning technology, as well as in industrial process technology. The difference between the static pressures is measured in the course of acceptance test measurements to check the pressure drop of built-in components (e.g. air filters).



Differential pressure probe, 10 hPa, with fixed cable.


0 … +10 hPa


±0,03 hPa


50 hPa

Algemene technische gegevens

Operating temperature

0 … +50 °C


1,5 m


-20 … +70 °C