Nauwkeurige drukdauwpuntsvoeler voor meting in persluchtsyst...

Bestelnr.  0636 9841

  • Fast and accurate determination of the pressure dew point 

  • High-precision trace humidity measurement

  • Pressure dew point measuring range: -40 to +50 °C tpd

Nauwkeurige drukdauwpuntsvoeler voor meting in persluchtsystemen incl. certificaat met proefpunt -40 °C tpd

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The pressure dew point is an important criterion for ensuring that compressed air systems work perfectly. Use the precision pressure dew point probe with measuring chamber (combined with the appropriate measuring instrument) to determine the pressure dew point quickly and accurately.

Connection to the compressed air system is via a standard plug-in connection (G1/4” internal thread as per ISO 228-1) or via a test connection screw fitting (for measurements on vehicles). If necessary, other standard plug-in connections with a G 1/4” thread can also be screwed into the measuring chamber. The probe can also be used for indoor air humidity and temperature measurement without a measuring chamber.



Precision pressure dew point probe with measuring chamber, including certificate with -40 °C tpd.
Note: You need a plug-in head cable (0430 0143) for this probe.
Capacitieve luchtvochtigheid


0 … +100 %rF



-40 … +50 °Ctpd


±0,8 °Ctpd (-4,9 … +50 °Ctpd)

±1 °Ctpd (-9,9 … -5 °Ctpd)

±2 °Ctpd (-19,9 … -10 °Ctpd)

±3 °Ctpd (-29,9 … -20 °Ctpd)

±4 °Ctpd (-40 … -30 °Ctpd)

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300 mm