Welcome to the world of digital measurement data processing.

Testo has revolutionized the processing of measurement data, enabling you to do your everyday work faster, more efficiently and more professionally. App-controlled measuring technology turns time-consuming documentation, paper chaos or tangles of cables into relics of a bygone age. You can now search for the nearest snack bar and carry out the maintenance of heating and air conditioning systems with one and the same instrument: your smartphone. Isn’t it great that work equipment is also finally becoming part of your smart, digital world?
With the Smart World of Testo, we have created a platform where you not only get to know all about the advantages of this digital world of work in theory, but also experience them in practice. In our blog for example, experts regularly describe their positive experiences from their day-to-day work. Our efficiency calculator shows you in black and white how much time you save with state-of-the-art measuring technology. And in the download area, you can download helpful knowledge, such as specialist reports or customer references, free of charge. We also introduce you to our modern App-controlled measuring instruments for refrigeration, air conditioning and heating professionals and will be happy to answer all your questions about smart measuring with Testo.
Come into the world of smart measuring technology - and make your Testo measuring instruments an integral part of your digital life.