Vleugelradsonde, diameter 16 mm, met telescoop max. 890 mm, ... - for flow measurements in ducts

Bestelnr.  0635 9535

  • IAQ-sonde voor de beoordeling van de ruimtelucht kwaliteit

  • Thermische sonde, vleugelradmeting en geïntegreerde drukverschilsonde voor pitotbuismeting

  • Radiografische voelers voor temperatuur

  • Beschermingsklasse IP54

Vleugelradsonde, diameter 16 mm, met telescoop max. 890 mm, bv. voor metingen in kanalen


Use the 16 mm vane probe to determine flow velocity or volume flow in ventilation ducts (e.g. during the maintenance, evaluation and commissioning of ventilation systems). It is particularly suitable for medium flow velocities up to +40 m/s and delivers optimum results.

The vane anemometer is equipped with a telescope, so it is convenient to use in larger ventilation ducts too. When extended, the maximum length of the telescope is 890 mm. The immersion depth is easy to read off thanks to the scaling on the telescope.



Vane probe (Ø 16 mm) with telescope (can be extended to 890 mm) including plug-on protective cap and fixed cable 1.9 m.


+0,6 … +40 m/s


±(0,2 m/s + 1,5 % v. Mw.)

Algemene technische gegevens

Operating temperature

0 … +60 °C

lengte voerlerbuis

890 mm

diameter pitotbuis

16 mm