testo Saveris 2 - 36-month Advanced Cloud licence

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€ 39,00
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  • Alarmfunctie bij overschreiding van de grenswaarden via e-mail of SMS (optie)

  • Cloud licentie voor 36 maanden, per datalogger

  • Toegang tot meetwaarden overal en met elk apparaat

  • Gegevensoverdracht via WLAN

  • Automatische meetwaarde-documentatie

  • Gratis online gegevensopslag in de cloud

Met de testo Saveris 2 geavanceerde Cloud licentie voor 36 maanden kunt u gebruik maken van de uitgebreide functies van de Testo Cloud's. U stelt uw Testo Saveris 2 -systeem in op de Testo Cloud. Ook uw meetgegevens kunt u daar opslaan en evalueren. De Advanced Cloud -licentie geeft u het voordeel van speciale Testo Cloud functies zoals bijvoorbeeld flexibele meetcyclus setting en sms-alarm bij kritische meetwaarden.


Alerting of violation of limit values by e-mail or SMS.



The testo Saveris 2 WiFi data logger system is the easy, versatile and secure solution for monitoring humidity and temperature in your storage, refrigerated and work areas, as well as in processes. The system comprises at least one WiFi data logger (can be ordered separately), which you can start using straight away after registering at www.saveris.net. The readings recorded by the WiFi data loggers are transmitted to the Testo Cloud and centrally stored there. You can access and evaluate them at any time, from anywhere: simply using your internet-capable smartphone, tablet or PC.

Depending on the desired range of functions, you have a choice between the free Basic and more extensive Advanced functionality for use of the Testo Cloud.

Testo Cloud functions of the Advanced Cloud licence

This purchase gives you the testo Saveris 2 Advanced Cloud licence for a period of 36 months. The Testo Cloud provides up to 2 years' secure and reliable storage for your WiFi data loggers' readings. You can easily access all the data for humidity and temperature monitoring from an unlimited number of WiFi data loggers via Internet browser from anywhere with your smartphone, tablet or PC. In addition to this, you configure the WiFi data loggers (e.g. by setting the measuring cycle), evaluate measurement data and analyze them via the Testo Cloud.

In comparison to the Basic Cloud licence, purchase of the Advanced Cloud licence means you benefit from flexible measuring cycle setting at intervals of 1 min to 24 hrs. Furthermore, you can also use the SMS alarm with the Advanced Cloud licence: when limit values are exceeded, you are then not only alerted by e-mail (as with the Basic Cloud licence), but also by SMS. This means you always have your humidity and temperature monitoring under control wherever you are. If the standard number of 75 SMS received per logger over 36 months is not enough for you, you have the option of booking additional SMS. Time savings mean reports can be created both manually and fully automatically.

Use of time-controlled alarms with the Advanced Cloud licence

Useful for temperature monitoring of refrigerated/frozen foods
  • Alarm switch-off when refrigeration units need to be defrosted or are out of use over weekends.
  • Second alarm threshold for more flexible alarm management
  • Alarm delay for avoiding premature alarms (e.g. when the refrigerator door is opened briefly)

Please note that the free Basic licence gives you access to the Testo Cloud straight after registering at www.saveris.net and enables you to use it. You need WLAN at the measuring location for transmission of the readings from the WiFi data loggers to the Testo Cloud.


testo Saveris 2 -Cloud licentie voor 36 maanden met SMS alarmfunctie (75 sms per logger). Toegang tot alle extra functies.



€ 39,00
inclusief btw € 47,19