testo NanoMet3 - portable nanoparticle counter for Real Driving Emissions (RDE)

Order-Nr.  444

  • One-button operation

  • Gas conditioning: integrated PMP thermodilution

  • Measurement method for gasoline and diesel vehicles without any additional instrument settings

  • No need for any operating resources

The innovative testo NanoMet3 PN-PEMS (particle number, portable emission measurement system) enables you to measure vehicle Real Driving Emissions – RDE.


Product Description

Because soot particles are among the most dangerous health hazards, the integration of particle measurement into emissions standards is increasingly important. The testo NanoMet3 particle counter ensures high-precision determination of both the number and the average diameter of solid nanoparticle concentrations according to the “Real Driving Emissions” type testing under the Euro 6c emissions standard.
Moreover, the testo NanoMet3 was honoured as “Golden Instrument” reference during the crucial phase of the JRC´s Inter Laboratory Comparison Exercise (ILCE).

Portable nanoparticle counter – typical applications

The testo NanoMet3 portable particle counter offers high-precision measurements over a large concentration range and is therefore very suitable for a wide range of applications:
  • Particle measurement according to RDE for type approval in accordance with Euro 6c
  • Particle determination for the research and development of particle filters
  • Characterization of particle emissions from gasoline and diesel engines

testo NanoMet3 at a glance

  • Portable nanoparticle counter for the measurement of number concentration and average diameter of nanoparticles in the 10 to 700 nm size range
  • Real Driving Emissions (RDE) type approval under the Euro 6c emission standard
  • Ease of use thanks to the one-button operation
  • Integrated PMP gas conditioning thermodilution
  • Easy handling
  • Identical instrument settings for measurements of gasoline and diesel vehicles
  • No operating materials, such as working fluids or radioactive sources needed

Delivery Scope

Portable testo NanoMet3 nanoparticle counter, including:
  • Transport case
  • Heated sampling hose
  • LAN cable
  • Wireless antenna
  • SD card
  • USB extension cable
  • Cable for external signal
  • Battery cable
  • D-sub socket and D-sub plug
  • Exhaust gas hose with coupling socket
  • Country-specific mains power cord and calibration sheet