Router testo Saveris V 1.0 - Radio transmission medium

Ordem nº  0572 0119

  • Router for extending the wireless range

  • Option of using several routers in one system

  • Option of connecting up to 3 routers in series

Router testo Saveris, 868 MHz, transmissão por rádio


The radio link can be improved or lengthened in poor structural conditions by using a router. Several routers can of course be used in the testo Saveris system. At the same time, the serial switching of up to 3 routers V 1.0 offers highest flexibility in the wireless range.

This measuring instrument requires a power supply unit (not included).

Delivery includes: testo Saveris router V 1.0, for extending transmission paths and for router cascading in Saveris systems, radio frequency 868 MHz.


Dados técnicos gerais


85 x 100 x 38 mm

Temperatura de operação

-20 a +50 °C



Classe de proteção


Roteador em cascata


Suporte de parede


Connectable probes

max. 5

Fonte de energia

6.3 V DC mains unit; alternatively via 24 V AC/DC plug-in/screw terminals, power consumption < 0.5 W

Transferência de dados

via rádio

Temperatura de armazenagem

-40 a +60 °C


180 g