Sonda de humidade e temperatura Ø 12 mm, elevada precisão co...

Ordem nº  0636 9743

  • High-precision humidity measurement: accuracy of up to ±1% RH

  • Intelligent calibration concept

  • Temperature measuring range: -20 to +70 °C

Sonda de humidade e temperatura Ø 12 mm, elevada precisão com 1% exatidão

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Use the high-precision humidity and temperature probe (with an appropriate measuring instrument) for the following applications:
  • Measuring the relative humidity and temperature in storage, refrigerated and work areas or in air conditioning/ventilation ducts
  • Assessing thermal comfort
  • Ensuring the process climate in clean rooms
  • Checking the correct ambient conditions in production facilities to comply with quality standards

Intelligent calibration concept

The probe offers maximum digital measurement reliability. The digital probe allows readings to be processed directly in the probe. This technology eliminates instrument measurement uncertainty. The probe can be sent in for calibration on its own (without the measuring instrument). Calculating the determined calibration data in the probe generates a zero-error display. 


Escopo da entrega

High-precision humidity/temperature probe (Ø 12 mm).
Note: You need a plug-in head cable (0430 0100) for this probe.


Faixa de medição

-20 a +70 °C


±0,2 °C (+15 a +30 °C)

±0,5 °C (Faixa remanescente)


0,1 °C

Sensor capacitivo de umidade

Faixa de medição

0 a 100 %rF


±(1,0 %rF + 0,7 % do vm) (0 a 90 %rF)

±(1,4 %rF + 0,7 % do vm) (90 a 100 %rF)


0,1 %rF

Dados técnicos gerais

Diâmetro do eixo da sonda

12 mm


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Preço sob consulta