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Connectable temperature probe

0572 2153
92,00 €
  • Measures air temperature
  • Compactly connected to the logger: the probe is plugged directly into the logger
  • Good air flow at the sensor
  • Measurement range: Temperature -30 to +50 °C
  • Measure temperature precisely: with the plug-in NTC temperature probe (Ø 12 mm).
    The plug-in temperature probe is suitable for measuring temperature in storerooms, cold storage areas and work rooms or in air conditioning/ventilation ducts.

    The temperature probe is plugged directly in and is therefore compactly connected to the data logger.


    The applications at a glance

     Use the high-precision temperature probe (with an appropriate measuring instrument) for the following applications:
    • Measuring the temperature in storage, refrigerated and work areas or in air conditioning/ventilation ducts
    • Assessing thermal comfort
    • Checking the correct ambient conditions in production facilities to comply with quality standards

    1 x plug-in temperature probe 0572 2153.


    Faixa de medição
    -30 a +50 °C
    ±0,2 °C (-30 a +50 °C)

    Dados técnicos gerais

    Comprimento do eixo da sonda
    105 mm
    Diâmetro da ponta do eixo da sonda
    12 mm
    Diâmetro do eixo da sonda
    20 mm