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testo 315-4 - Ambient CO measuring instrument

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472,18 €
  • High-precision carbon monoxide measurement in ambient air
  • TÜV-tested according to EN 50543
  • Convenient, easy operation
  • Data can be printed out on site
  • For quick, precise measurement of carbon monoxide in ambient air – in accordance with DIN EN 50543: The testo 315-4 CO measuring instrument is easy to operate, has a robust design and is of durable quality.

    Carbon monoxide (CO) is a colourless, odourless and taste-free gas, but also poisonous. Its sources include the incomplete combustion of substances containing carbon (oil, gas and solid fuels, etc.). This is why it is necessary to regularly check CO emissions at the combustion points of heating systems and surroundings.

    testo 315-4 Ambient CO measuring instrument – the features

    State-of-the-art technology, easy to use, robust design: the testo 315-4 CO measuring instrument is your reliable partner for measuring carbon monoxide in the ambient air. You can, for example, detect CO in the ambient air around heating systems. There is also the option to measure humidity and temperature in parallel.

    You can view the measurement results directly on the digital display. If the individually adjustable limit values are exceeded, the CO measuring instrument emits an optical and acoustic alarm.

    The cleverly designed CO measuring instrument with lithium polymer battery ensures energy-saving operation: when not in use, it switches off automatically.

    Further advantages of the CO measuring instrument

    Depending on your individual practical requirements, you can extend the performance range of the testo 315-4 CO measuring instrument with optional accessories:
    • TopSafe: the water and dirt-repellent protective case protects the ambient CO measuring instrument even in damp, dirty working environments
    • testo fast printer: the fast printer prints out measurement results directly on site – e.g. as documentation for the customer. Measurement results are transmitted from the CO measuring instrument to the handy testo fast printer via the wireless infrared interface
    • Temperature/humidity module: in additional to carbon monoxide, the module also enables you to measure temperature and humidity

    testo 315-4 CO measuring instrument for ambient measurements, including USB mains unit, cable, calibration protocol.


    Dados técnicos gerais

    Umidade de operação
    0 a 95 %rF
    Dados técnicos invisíveis (instrumentos)
    200 g
    190 x 65 x 40 mm
    Temperatura de operação
    0 a +40 °C
    Interface IR/IRDA
    Tipo de bateria armazenada
    Bateria de polímero de lítio
    Tempo de medição 70 h (a +20 °C/+68 °F) / Capacidade de trabalhar em rede
    Carga da bateria
    No instrumento via carregador
    Temperatura de armazenagem
    -20 a +60 °C

    Módulo de umidade acoplável - capacitivo

    Faixa de medição
    +5 a +95 %rF
    ±25,0 %rF (5 a +95 %rF)
    0,1 %rF