Sonda de temperatura/humidade de referência altamente exata - Sonda de referência de humidade/temperatura altamente exata

Encomenda nº  0636 9741

  • High-precision humidity measurement: accuracy of up to ±1% RH

  • Probe shaft diameter of 21 mm: Use with different sintered caps possible

  • Can be used in the high humidity range

  • Temperature measuring range: -20 to +70 °C

Sonda de temperatura/humidade de referência altamente exata

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Descrição do produto

Ambient conditions have to be constantly monitored and controlled when manufacturing and processing sensitive materials and products. Use the humidity and temperature probe (with an appropriate measuring instrument) to check production conditions with ultimate precision.

Clean rooms are also subject to strict monitoring of climatic conditions. The high-precision humidity/temperature probe can also be used here.


O pedido inclui

High-precision humidity/temperature probe (Ø 21 mm).
Note: You need a plug-in head cable (0430 0143 or 0430 0145) for this probe. 

Faixa de medição

-20 a +70 °C


±0,2 °C (+10 a +40 °C)

±0,4 °C (Faixa remanescente)

Tempo de reação t99

12 s

Sensor capacitivo de umidade

Faixa de medição

0 a +100 %rF


±1 %rF (+10 a +90 %rF) (+15 a +30 °C)

±2,0 %rF (Faixa remanescente)

±0,03 %rF/K (k=1)

long-term stability: ±1 %RH / year

*The sensor accuracy corresponds to the system accuracy.

Dados técnicos gerais

Diâmetro da ponta do eixo da sonda

21 mm