testo 174 H - Mini data logger for temperature and humidity in a set

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  • Measurement data memory for 16 000 temperature and humidity readings

  • Reliable measurement via humidity sensor with

  • Easy data analysis on the PC with appropriate software (three software versions available, basic software can be downloaded free of charge)

  • Advantage of the set: USB interface for data transfer to PC included

Kit mini data logger testo 174H, 2 canais, incl. interface USB para programação e leitura do logger, suporte de parede, pilha (2 x CR 2032 lítio) e protocolo de calibração

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Descrição do produto

Does your work involve the warehousing or storage of climate-sensitive items (food, drugs, archive media, museum exhibits, metal parts susceptible to rust film, etc.)? Or would you like to keep a check on the building climate, for example monitoring how your tenants use ventilation? Then continuous recording of temperature and humidity readings can be very useful for you. The testo 174H mini data logger for temperature and humidity provides you with competent support for this kind of measurement task. It may be small, but it achieves great (measurement) results.

This is what the mini data logger for temperature and humidity offers

The current measuring values and any possible violations of limit values can be read on the mini data logger’s display. Its measurement data memory can reliably record up to 16 000 measuring values. Saved measurement data will not be lost even when the battery is empty or being replaced.
The testo 174H mini data logger has internal sensors which measure temperature and humidity. The humidity sensor is a capacitive Testo humidity sensor with long-term stability which has an accuracy of up to ±3 % RH when measuring humidity. With an accuracy of ±0.5 °C, the internal NTC temperature sensor is particularly high-precision and covers a measuring range from -20 to +70 °C.
Particularly practical: the mini data logger runs on standard batteries (2x CR 2032) which you can replace yourself at any time.

Programming and analysis with the data logger for temperature and humidity

Software is used to programme and read your mini data logger as well as to analyze measurement data on the PC. You have a choice of three software versions:
  • ComSoft Basic software – available as a free download – for fast programming of the mini data logger and easy analysis of measurement data
  • ComSoft Professional software – can also be ordered as an option – offers a variety of possibilities for detailed analysis of temperature and humidity readings
  • ComSoft CFR 21 Part 11 software – can also be ordered as an option – the best solution for special requirements according to CFR 21 Part 11 in the pharmaceutical sector

Advantage of the set: the mini data logger is ready to use straight away

A USB interface is needed to programme and read your mini data logger for temperature and humidity. If you decide on this set, it includes a USB interface which means a speedy start for your measuring tasks.

Attention: Please download the newest software version before using the USB interface for the first time. The software can be found in the download area.


O pedido inclui

testo 174H mini data logger set for temperature and humidity, including USB interface for programming and reading the mini data logger, wall bracket, batteries (2 x CR 2032 lithium) and calibration protocol.


Faixa de medição

-20 a +70 °C


±0,5 °C (-20 a +70 °C)


0,1 °C

Sensor capacitivo de umidade

Faixa de medição

0 a +100 %rF*


±3 %rF (2 a +98 %rF)

±0,03 %rF/K


0,1 %rF

* Não está apto para atmosferas condensadas. Para uso prolongado em elevadas humidades (>80 %HR at ≤30 °C for >12 h, >60 %HR at >30 °C for >12 h), por favor contacte-nos através do nosso website.

Dados técnicos gerais


60 x 38 x 18,5 mm

Temperatura de operação

-20 a +70 °C

Classe de proteção




Tipo de bateria

2 baterias de lithium (CR2032)


1 ano (ciclo de medição 15 min, +25 ºC)


16.000 valores medidos

Temperatura de armazenagem

-40 a +70 °C


ComSoft Professional

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