testo Saveris T1 - 1-channel temperature radio probe

Encomenda nº  0572 1210

  • Large measurement data memory

  • Flexible wireless data transfer

  • Waterproof (protection class IP 68)

  • HACCP-compliant and EN 12830-certified

Registador de temperatura NTC, rádio-frequência 868 MHz, sem visor

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Descrição do produto

The testo Saveris T1 radio probe is equipped with an internal temperature sensor. It has a data memory for 6,000 readings. The testo Saveris T1 radio probe is EN 12830-compliant and is therefore ideal for monitoring temperatures in the food industry. Its high IP protection rating means that it can be used even in extremely harsh environments.

Please note: Saveris converter V 2.0 (order no. 0572 0218) is required for integrating Saveris radio probes into systems with base firmware V 1.X. For more information please contact your Testo partner.


O pedido inclui

testo Saveris T1 radio probe with internal NTC, radio frequency 868 MHz; including wall bracket, calibration protocol and 4 × AA alkaline manganese batteries.

Dados técnicos gerais

Dados técnicos invisíveis (instrumentos)

240 g


80 x 85 x 38 mm

Temperatura de operação

-35 a +50 °C

Classe de proteção




Radio frequência

868 MHz

Distânica de transmissão

approx. 300 m without obstruction at a frequency of 868 MHz

Suporte de parede


Taxa de medição

padrão de 15 min, 1 min a 24 h pode ser definido


EN 12830

Tipo de bateria

4 x tipo AA baterias


Battery life at +25 °C, 3 years; for freezer applications, 3 years with L91 Photo lithium Energizer batteries


6 000 valores medidos / canal

Temperatura de armazenagem

-40 a +55 °C (incl. batteries)


Faixa de medição

-35 a +50 °C


±0,4 °C (-25 a +50 °C)

±0,8 °C (Faixa remanescente)


0,1 °C