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  • testo 380 - Particle counter

    Cod produs 0632 3800

    As a chimney sweep, heating engineer or service technician you are required by law to abide to the rules and regulations (like the 1. BlmSchV – Ord. 1 of the Federal Immission Control Ordinance) which apply to your field and profession. You can rely on the testo 380 to help you to carry out your daily tasks because it is certified for use with solid, liquid and gaseous fuels as well as for the threshold values 1 and 2 according to 1. BlmSchV. The easy-to-use particle counter can take you through the preprogrammed measuring programm of the BlmSchV and save you heaps of time and hassle.
    • Carry out parallel fine particle, O2 and CO measurements in real time

    • Ideal for chimney sweeps and system technicians; easy-to-follow, step-by-step guide for carrying out measurements according to 1. BlmSchV

    • Large, graphic colour display, easy to use, low running and maintenance costs

    • Certified for use with solid, liquid and gaseous fuels as well as for the threshold values 1 and 2 according to 1. BlmSchV

    33.654,00 RON
    incl. TVA  40.048,26 RON
  • Geantă de transport

    Cod produs 0516 3510

    Echipamentul este păstrat în siguranță în robusta geantă de transport: geanta asigură un spațiu de păstrare suficient pentru instrumentul de măsură corespunzător, sonde și accesorii.
    • Se poate folosi între cablul cu priză și instrument

    908,00 RON
    incl. TVA  1.080,52 RON
  • testo 380 - Particulate matter measurement system

    Cod produs 0632 3801

    With the testo 380 particulate matter measurement system, you can carry out uncomplicated particulate matter measurements directly on site. The completely new method of measurement developed by Testo enables the particulate matter to be monitored and limit values to be enforced. The measurement system is your professional tool for solid fuel, oil and gas systems.
    • The system comprises testo 380 particulate matter measuring instrument and testo 330-2 LL flue gas analyzer

    • Complete solution for solid fuel, oil and gas systems 

    • Fully TÜV-tested for limit value levels 1/2 and according to VDI 4206 Sheet 2

    • Particulate matter measurement, simultaneous O2 and CO measurement

    37.760,00 RON
    incl. TVA  44.934,40 RON
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