Referenčný olej pre kalibráciu - for calibration and adjustment of the cooking oil tester

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  • Reference oil for regular checking of measuring instrument accuracy

  • Plant-based for calibration and adjustment of Testo cooking oil testers

  • Is heated to +50°C for calibration and adjustment

Referenčný olej pre kalibráciu a justáž prístroja pre meranie kvality fritovacieho oleja testo 270 (1 x 100 ml)

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Popis produktu

The reference oil allows you to calibrate or adjust a Testo cooking oil tester. Simply immerse the measuring instrument (in calibration mode) in the oil which has been heated to approx. 50°C. For calibration, the display on the measuring instrument is compared to the printed value on the reference oil bottle and noted. Or adjust the measuring instrument to this value.


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1 x reference oil (100 ml) for calibration and adjustment of the cooking oil tester.

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