testo 330i basic set - analyzátor spalin v sadě

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  • Obsluha nezávislá na místě měření a zobrazování měřených hodnot pomocí chytrého telefonu nebo tabletu a aplikace testo 330i.

  • Dokumentace a tvorba zpráv přímo v místě měření s testo 330i App.

  • Spolehlivé upevnění pomocí držáku testoFix


Se sadou analyzátoru spalin testo 330i zvládnete všechny požadavky, které jsou spojeny s uváděním otopných zařízení do provozu a s jejich servisem.

Sada testo 330i se skládá z analyzátoru spalin testo 330i, odběrové sondy, teplotního čidla nasávaného vzduchu a držáku sondy testoFix.

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Popis produktu

The testo 330i flue gas analyzer combines the proven measuring technology of the preceding model testo 330 LL with a revolutionary new method of operation: operation independent of measuring location via smartphone, a sturdy testoFix probe holder and paperless documentation. This instrument embodies the current trends in flue gas measurement.
The centrepiece of the set is the testo 330i flue gas analyzer with H2-compensated CO sensor. The flue gas analyzer is therefore also approved for the official acceptance testing of heating systems.
Operation of the flue gas analyzer and the display of readings are implemented independently of the measuring location via the testo 330i App on your smartphone or tablet. Here, you can make adjustments to the measuring instrument, analyze the flue gas values, enter customer data and create measurement protocols. You can then add comments or photos of the system to the protocols, and send them to the customer or your office via e-mail.

Requirement: iOS 7.1 / Android 4.3 or newer. Mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0.

The testo 330i flue gas analyzer also has the following impressive features

  • User-replaceable long-life sensors with a service life of up to 6 years. This saves at least one sensor replacement over the flue gas analyzer's typical useful life
  • TÜV-tested according to 1st German Federal Immission Control Ordinance (BImSchV) and EN 50379, Parts 1-3
  • Integrated draught and gas zeroing without removing the probe. The probe can remain in the flue during zeroing
  • Fresh air dilution upon exceeding a CO threshold value up to 30,000 ppm
  • Fully enclosed, particularly robust plastic housing
Also included in the set: a modular flue gas sampling probe (180 mm) with a 65 cm long, extra-flexible hose and a 190 mm long combustion air temperature probe.
The testoFix probe holder is included in the set, which enables the probes to be securely attached to the flue gas duct quickly and easily. This global innovation also serves as a fall-proof suspension system for the testo 330i flue gas analyzer. A mains unit and the practical system case, in which all set components can be stowed away compactly and safely, complete this set.


Rozsah dodávky

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•    Modular flue gas probe with hose (650 mm) 0600 9780
•    Combustion air temperature probe (190 mm) 0600 9787
•    International mains unit 0554 1096
•    testoFix probe holder for probes with a diameter of 8 mm (0554 3006)
•    Instrument case for testo 330i, probes and accessories (dimensions: 520 × 130 × 400 mm, WxHxD) 0516 3302

Difereční tlak

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 300 hPa


±0,5 hPa (0,0 do +50,0 hPa)

±1 % z mv (+50,1 do +100,0 hPa)

±1,5 % z mv (Zbývající rozsah)


0,1 hPa

Měření O2

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 21 vol.%


±0,2 vol.%


0,1 vol.%

Měření CO (H2 kompenzace)

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 8000 ppm


±10 ppm nebo ±10 % z mv (0 do 200 ppm)

±20 ppm nebo ±5 % z mv (201 do 2000 ppm)

±10 % z mv (2001 do 8000 ppm)


1 ppm

Stanovení CO (s H2 kompenzací), automatické ředění v testo 330-2 LL

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 30000 ppm


±200 ppm nebo ±20 % z mv (0 do 30000 ppm)


1 ppm

NO měření

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 3000 ppm


±5 ppm (0 do 100 ppm)

±5 % z mv (101 do 2000 ppm)

±10 % z mv (2001 do 3000 ppm)


1 ppm


Měření komínového tahu

Měřicí rozsah

-9,99 do +40 hPa


±0,02 hPa nebo ±5 % z mv (-0,50 do +0,60 hPa)

±0,03 hPa (+0,61 do +3,00 hPa)

±1,5 % z mv (3,01 do +40,00 hPa) (the greater value applies)


0,01 hPa


Měřicí rozsah

-40 do +1200 °C


±0,5 °C (0,0 do +100,0 °C)

±0,5 % z mv (Zbývající rozsah)


0,1 °C (-40 do +999,9 °C)

1 °C (Zbývající rozsah)

dependent on the thermocouple

Určení stupně účinnosti (Eta)

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 120 %


0,1 %

Spalinové ztráty

Měřicí rozsah

0 do 99,9 %


0,1 %

C02 měření ( vypočítáno z 02)

Měřicí rozsah

Display range 0 do CO₂ max


±0,2 vol.%


0,1 vol.%

Hlavní technická data


270 x 160 x 57 mm

Provozní teplota

-5 do +45 °C

Napájecí zdroj

Rech. batt. block 3.7 V / 2.6 Ah; Mains unit 6 V / 1.2 A (optional)

Systémové požadavky

requires iOS 7.1 or newer; requires Android 4.3 or newer; requires mobile end device with Bluetooth 4.0


500000 readings

Skladovací teplota

-20 do +50 °C


720 g (excluding battery)


vč. DPH  50,40€
vč. DPH  129,60€
vč. DPH  19,20€
vč. DPH  201,60€
vč. DPH  319,20€
vč. DPH  141,60€
vč. DPH  148,80€
vč. DPH  193,20€
vč. DPH  174,00€
vč. DPH  498,00€

Spalovací vzduch / teplota

vč. DPH  128,40€
vč. DPH  128,40€


vč. DPH  214,80€
vč. DPH  22,80€
vč. DPH  50,40€
vč. DPH  31,20€
vč. DPH  722,40€
vč. DPH  55,20€

Příslušenství pro měřicí

vč. DPH  124,80€
vč. DPH  26,40€

Flue gas analysis and flue gas measurement

At the core of the measuring technology of the testo 330i are the two long-life sensors for measuring O2 and CO. An NO sensor is optionally available. With the testo 330i, flue gas and draught are measured in parallel – therefore you always have an overview of all relevant readings on a screen in the testo 330i App.

Differential pressure measurement

You can also use the testo 330i flue gas analyzer to measure the gas supply on gas boilers. Measure the gas flow and gas resting pressure to ensure that a gas boiler can be commissioned properly. In conjunction with the manufacturer's specifications concerning the nozzle pressure, the results of this measurement will enable you to tailor the output of the boiler to the home's actual heat requirement.

O2 supply air measurement

In balanced flue systems, you can use the testo 330i to find out whether there is a leak in the flue gas system. For this, simply measure the O2 content of the combustion air in the dual wall clearance. This way, you can ensure that no flue gas is getting into the combustion air supply. This prevents damage due to condensate or impairment of the combustion process.

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