testo 6321 - pressure transmitter for differential pressure

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  • Pressure transmitter for measuring differential pressure in the 100 Pa to 2 bar measuring range

  • Magnetic valve for automatic zero-point adjustment guarantees high temperature independent accuracy and long-term stability

  • Alignment and analysis save time and costs for commissioning and maintenance

  • Available with and without display

Measuring and control technology also ensures efficiency in air conditioning and ventilation technology: the testo 6321 high-precision pressure transmitter for measuring differential pressure has long-term stability and helps you to monitor and control processes in air conditioning, ventilation and cleanroom technology in a reliable and efficient way.


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With the testo 6321 you get a differential pressure transmitter with a good price-performance ratio for applications in air conditioning and ventilation technology. Automated building services need more and more accurate monitoring, which also means increasing requirements for measuring and control technology. The testo 6321 transmitter for differential pressure meets these requirements through high-precision measurement of differential pressure with long-term stability. It helps you to ensure optimum system function, to optimize climate conditions and to save energy.

testo 6321 differential pressure transmitter - the applications

  • Industrial and commercial buildings, e. g. in production and storage
  • Office and administration buildings
  • Sales areas and exhibition halls
  • Museums and libraries
  • School buildings, hotels, clinics, etc.

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testo 6321 differential pressure transmitter with selectable measuring range between 100 Pa and 2,000 hPa, selectable signal outputs and optional display (depending on the configuration).



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