testo 6621 - Temperature and humidity transmitter

Obj.č.   0555 6621

  • Transmitter with 2 analog outputs (temperature/humidity)

  • High-precision Testo humidity sensor with long-term stability

  • Optional 2-line LCD display

  • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment and analysis

The high-performance measurement transmitter testo 6621 is a reliable partner for applications in building air conditioning. Accuracy, long-term stability and reliability – our measurement transmitter meets the high demands of building automation, helping you to reduce costs.

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vč. DPH  198,00€

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The measurement transmitter testo 6621 stands out thanks to its patented humidity sensor which guarantees highest accuracy. Particularly practical: The sensor and the analog outputs can be adjusted, analyzed and parameterized via an external interface using the P2A software.

Select the suitable design according to your application in a room or a duct. The measurement transmitter testo 6621 is available in different product variations: optionally with or without display, in the housing colours grey or white.

Temperature and humidity measurement transmitter testo 6621 - features

  • 2 analog outputs (temperature/humidity), optionally 1 analog output humidity and temperature passive
  • Highly accurate and long-term stable Testo humidity sensor
  • P2A software for parameterization, adjustment and analysis saves time and costs in commissioning
  • Optimum calibration concept by adjustment of the entire signal chain (1-point, 2-point and analog adjustment)
  • 2-line LCD display optional


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testo 6621 temperature and humidity transmitter as a wall or duct version, with selectable signal outputs, 2-line display (optional), external interface for adjustment and commissioning.