Trubková sonda so suchým zipsom pre meranie teploty na rúrkach... - Trubková sonda so suchým zipsom

Obj.č.   0628 0020

  • With Velcro: makes it easy to attach the surface probe to pipes with a diameter of up to 120 mm

  • TC Type K temperature probe with 1.5 m cable

  • Measuring range: -50 to +120 °C

Trubková sonda so suchým zipsom pre meranie teploty na rúrkach do max priemeru 120 mm, Tmax. +120 ° C

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Use this temperature probe with thermocouple (TC) sensor to carry out surface temperature measurements on pipes with a pipe diameter of up to 120 mm. For example, you can use it to determine the surface temperature of heating pipes.

The TC sensor for measuring temperature is attached to a 20 mm wide, 395 mm long strip. The Velcro fastener on this strip enables the surface probe to be attached to the pipe quickly and easily.

For optimum heat transfer between the surface probe and the measurement object, we recommend using our optional silicone thermal conduction paste.
The surface probe features a 1.5 m cable.

This Type K, Class 1 thermocouple probe has a standardized accuracy of ±1.5 °C.

The perfect probe for any application

Don't see the temperature probe you are looking for? Please contact us directly. We have a large range of standard temperature probes and we also manufacture customized probes specifically according to your personal requirements.


Rozsah dodávky

1 x TC Type K temperature probe 0628 0020.
Typ K (NiCr-Ni)

Měřicí rozsah

-50 do +120 °C


Třída 1 ¹⁾

Doba odezvy

90 s

1) Dle normy EN 60584-2 se vztahuje přesnost třídy 1 na -40...+1000 °C (typ K)

Hlavní technická data


18 g


120 mm

Teplota max.

120 °C

Průměr špičky sondy

20 mm

Délka trubice sondy

395 mm

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