Adjust ventilation systems efficiently

Measurement solutions for ventilation systems.

Ventilation and air conditioning systems require a great deal of energy.
However, for a pleasant indoor climate, they are indispensable.

Measuring instruments from Testo help you to regulate the plants efficiently

  • in order to achieve clear savings quickly –
  • without negatively influencing the comfortable indoor climate in the rooms.

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Our recommendations for efficiently adjusted ventilation and air conditioning systems

Multi-function VAC measuring instrument testo 480

  • Norm-compliant VAC grid measurement acc. to EN 12599
  • Step-by-step guide
  • Incl. analysis software and differential pressure sensor

Volume flow hood testo 420

  • Measure input and output air at large vents
  • Precise values even in swirling flows
  • 2.9 kg light

Vane anemometer set testo 417

  • Measures volume flow, flow velocity and temperature
  • Precise recording of volume flow, independently of swirl direction
  • Accurate measurement even in turbulent flows