Assign images yourself or have the imager do it

A lot of similar measuring objects mean a lot of similar thermal images. In order to be able to clearly assign the images to the different measuring locations after measurement, users have to keep lists in a time-consuming way or add a voice commentary to each individual thermal image. The patent-pending Testo innovation is now able to solve these problems: SiteRecognition technology ensures fully automatic measuring location recognition, along with storage and management of thermal images resulting from measurements or inspections.

SiteRecognition: how does this technology work?

SiteRecognition technology is a tool for repeated measurement of similar measuring objects. It combines measuring location recognition and image management. In the Testo IRSoft PC software, a database with various measuring locations is created and managed, e.g. for several switch cabinets. Individual markers are created for the measuring objects so as to relocate the site of the measurement that was made. These are then printed out on adhesive labels and attached to the measuring objects.

Automatic recognition and management of measuring location

When the thermal images are recorded, the thermal imager recognises the markers automatically and saves the respective measuring location information along with the thermal image. With SiteRecognition technology you can therefore recognise the measuring location and manage the measuring location. And this is possible for all future measurements. During synchronisation with IRSoft, the stored information is used to transfer the images to the measuring location in the database and automatically assign it to the appropriate localisation site. This means that every thermal image of a measuring location can be recognised and analysed using the IRSoft PC software.


Video: the SiteRecognition technology

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