Automated quality management for restaurant chains.

The individual solution, combining intuitive software, precise measurement technology and comprehensive services.

Measuring instruments from Testo have for 60 years been a part of the standard equipment used, among others, in the pharmaceutical industry, as well as in food production and processing. Our innovations help to save time and resources, to protect the environment and the health of humans, and to increase the value of goods and services.

However, in a globally networked world, just measuring accurately is no longer enough. It is now all about the comprehensive management of all quality parameters with intelligent complete solutions. Solutions combining intuitive software, precise measurement technology and comprehensive services. Solutions which make your daily job noticeably easier, safer and more efficient.

Solutions like testo Saveris Restaurant.

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testo Saveris Restaurant optimizes your quality management

Previously: Mountains of paper and compliance risks

Die Herausforderungen der Systemgastronomie
  • Paperwork and manual documentation are time-consuming and cost-intensive
  • Human errors are compliance risks
  • Quality data can hardly be analyzed

With testo Saveris Restaurant: Secure, digital, highly efficient

Quality management in restaurants with testo Saveris Restaurant
  • Digital integration of the quality handbook
  • Automatic temperature monitoring, immediate alarms and stored correction measures
  • Comprehensive analysis and reporting options

Hygiene obligations in catering

A turnkey solution for easy application of the HACCP method

Complete documentation and recording of all quality-relevant data in the restaurant – with testo Saveris Restaurant you can easily manage the obligations in catering.