Flue gas probe 300 mm, diameter 8 mm

Sipariş no.  0600 9781

  • Thermocouple NiCr-Ni, Tmax: 500 °C

  • Flexible hose (650 mm)

  • Dirt filter

  • TÜV-tested

Modular flue gas probe with a probe length of 300 mm and a diameter of 8 mm, with a cone for attaching it in the measurement aperture. However, the flue gas probe can also be securely and reliably attached to the flue gas pipe using the optional testoFix probe holder. The hose between probe and measuring instrument is shorter and more flexible than before, which makes set-up and dismantling significantly easier.

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Modular flue gas probe, with cone for attachment, thermocouple NiCr-Ni, hose 650 mm, dirt filter, length 300 mm, diameter 8 mm, Tmax. 500 °C, TUV-tested


testoFix prob yuvası

Sipariş numarası: 0554 3006

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